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Online Counselling Services As Opposed To Traditional Counselling

With the advent of the internet comes new and modern ways of living. Now more and more households are depending on the internet for many things from shopping to communicating with friends. And it might come as a surprise for some, but it's true that counselling can now be accessed online.  It seems difficult to understand for some people who think that counselling can only become effective when it's done face to face with a therapist.

However, the one-on-one or face-to-face approach may not be effective for everyone. In fact, there some patients who find it hard to communicate face-to-face with a counsellor.  Still there are patients whose family and work responsibilities make it difficult for them to include a counselling session in their schedule.  With others the problem lies in the high cost of traditional counselling. A therapy session could be very expensive for some people, and that includes even those individuals who need it most. Think about it, how you could afford therapy when the issues which are actually stressing you are unemployment. While some people may have employee health plans, the coverage may be limited to certain forms of therapy and counselling or on the acceptable length of counselling.
All these issues related to traditional counselling can be effectively addressed by using online counselling. Whether it's a question of time or money, online counselling has been proven to be a more viable option to traditional counselling.
However, online counselling can never replace traditional counselling. Online counselling cannot be used when the issues at hand are already severe, such as when the patient is contemplating about killing himself or suffering from a severe mental problem. These situations can be addressed properly only by a face-to-face treatment. The advantage that traditional counsellors have over those who practice online is that they're able to establish a good working relationship with their patients by means of body language and demeanour, which they can also to determine their state of mind.