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Various Types of Psychologists

A psychologist is a professional who analyses what goes on in the human mind. Psychologists are often associated with talk therapy, but there's more to this profession than this. It also includes other specialty areas such as organizational behavior and animal research. So while a good number of psychologists perform talk therapy there are also those who use research and psychological knowledge to address certain issues, such as mental illnesses. They are usually the professionals that best suit those who need help in coping with life issues or with prolonged mental distress such as anxiety and depression. Psychologists may also function as social scientists who perform research and as teachers at universities and colleges.
To sum up, there are three major types of psychologists and these are:
Applied Psychologists. They are those who apply psychological research and principles to address real-world issues. Under this category are  engineering psychologists, aviation psychologists, human factors psychologists and industrial-organizational psychologists.
Research Psychologists perform various studies. They conduct experiments involving participants, which could be either human beings or animals. They usually work in private businesses, universities, or government agencies. The focus of their research can be some of the disciplines within the field of psychology, such as neuroscience, development, cognition, personality, and social activities.

Mental Health Psychologists are those who focus on people with mental problems or those suffering from mental distress. They are often employed in mental health hospitals or clinics, schools, private practices, or government offices. Some examples of this type of psychologists are the counselling psychologist's  clinical psychologists, and school psychologists.

Depending on the psychologists' specialty area, their training and educational requirements may vary. For instance, the minimum requirement to be an industrial-organization psychologist would be a master's degree in experimental psychology. Meanwhile, to be a clinical psychologist one needs to be a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Also, they have to undergo at least one year of supervised clinical experience.