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Signs That You Need Marriage Counselling

While the union of two individuals is worth celebrating, we all know the difficulties and challenges that newly weds will soon go through together, and how they handle them will determine the fate of their marriage. Perhaps it would be good if couples have the option of registering to marriage counselling prior to tying the knot. Relationships can be likened to a new set of dishes; they also show signs of wear and tear over time. But how will you know if your marriage has run into bad weather already or if you're experiencing something so serious you need professional help?

Poor Communication

When you can't talk with each other about your problems which may range from money to those irritating little habits, then it's clear that you need marriage counselling. A therapist can help you have a better understanding about the issues in your marriage and cope with them.

Clinging to Past Experiences

When one or both couple cannot let go of a traumatic event in the past, such as the loss of an affair or a child, then it would be good if you could talk to an expert who can provide with the right help.

A Persistent Issue 

When there is one issue looming in your relationship and which seems to persist even after so many discussions, then it could be a sign that it's not being resolved effectively. A professional help can help your marriage years of trouble in the future.


Who says kids aren't a blessing? They definitely are, but they can also be stressful, especially if you and your espouse don't share the same parenting principles. If you constantly argue with your espouse on how your children should be raised, then you know these are issues that require marriage counselling for them to be settled.