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Family Counseling Techniques That Work

Family counselling uses a wide range of principles but communication is one of its major emphases. It is not the aim of the counsellor or the therapist to provide solutions to family problems or to patch up a marriage; rather he helps the family learn how to communicate properly. This is because many problems in family come from communication gaps, conflicts, and different views among parents and children, so it is very important to resolve this area. Here are some of the techniques often employed by therapists to help families overcome their difficulties.
Family Floor Plan
Here parents will be asked to illustrate the family tree and provide some information on each family member. Past facts and points may be valuable in resolving current family issues.
I Statements
Members of the family are asked to change their statements from "he annoys me" to "I am annoyed..." aside from helping them not to blame others for their problems; this technique helps them learn how to control their emotions.
Communication Building
Families that don't communicate well are most likely to suffer from many problems and issues. So therapists help them develop communication techniques such as listening to others, reflecting on their feelings, and taking turns in speaking about their own feelings.
Family Photos
The therapist takes out various photos of members of the family on different occasions. Then he solicits for responses from each member about the photo. This helps them have an overview of the current family situation. Sometimes the therapist may even go deeper by asking every member to narrate what happened when the photo was taken. This will help them gain deeper understanding of the family.
Family counseling requires a lot of time and patience. But learning to wait and listen to every member of the family as he speaks is often the best solution to many family issues.