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Duties of Practicing Psychologists

Practicing psychologists are trained to help individuals learn how to deal with life issues and psychological health problems more effectively. They spend years in graduate schools and go through supervised training. Then they receive their license from their states to provide services, and this includes evaluations and psychotherapy. When treating a patient, psychologists try their best to evaluate the individual's values, goals, characteristics and circumstances and use the most appropriate technique for him. In order to improve lives, psychologists use treatments that are based on evidence. The most common treatment they use is talk therapy or psychotherapy. There are various therapy approaches available, and it is up to the psychologist to decide which of them best suit the person's problem and which suit his characteristics and preferences.
Aside from conducting psychotherapy, psychologists can also administer and evaluate tests and assessments, needed for diagnosing a condition or determining how a person thinks, behaves, and feels. These tests are valuable in determining a person's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, intellectual skills, vocational aptitude and preference, neuropsychological functioning, and personality characteristics.
Psychologists who have a doctoral degree are one of the few professionals in the health care field who have received very high level of education and training. In addition to their undergraduate degrees, they have to go through a minimum of seven years in education and training.
The level of education and training that psychologists have qualifies them to treat a wide range of people and many types of conditions. Some individuals seek the help of psychologist to help them overcome their long-term depression, anxiety, and anger or any chronic condition that might be encroaching in their lives.  Others may be going through such life-changing events as a new job or the loss of a loved one that they need someone to help them cope and overcome their stressful situations. Still there are those who need help to overcome the barriers that frustrate them in achieving their goals.