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Developing Good Communication Skills through Relationship Counselling

We all know how vital good communication is to keeping a peaceful and loving relationship. In almost any type of relationship counselling, counsellors emphasize good communication as a way of solving conflicts.  Based on statistics, around 60% of marriages result in divorce and this could be because couples don't recognize their need for relationship counselling until it's already too late. There are many couples who sought for relationship counselling and believe it has saved their marriage, while those who did split wish they tried it to help them improve their communication.
In the end, couples realize that even after they get rid of their partners their problem remains because they are partially the reason for the problem. While they can dump their marriage, they certainly can't get rid of themselves.
One of the most difficult lessons that most couples have to learn is to stop struggling for power by blaming each other and learning to work together in times of trouble. In a relationship counselling, couples find a safe place to speak out their fears and needs and put an end to their anger and conflict.  There are many couples who split just because they don't know who to communicate with one another.  But with relationship counselling plus some practice, they can learn these relationship-saving skills.
Perhaps one of the most important skills that couples can learn is to communicate in such a way that they don't argue.  Dr. Phil, a psychologist, makes use of confrontational approach to help couples stop the blame cycle. He does this by asking couples to choose to be happy, and not right. His approach consists of the following seven steps:

  1. Identifying what's wrong with you and your marriage.
  2. Getting rid of your wrong thinking
  3. Turning your negative thoughts or behaviors to something positive.
  4. Adopting new relationship values.
  5. Reconnecting with your spouse.
  6. Developing your own successful "relationship formula"
  7. Learning how to keep your relationship.